Sky+HD lets you enjoy the widest range of high definition channels in the UK, with access to a choice of over 50‡ HD channels and counting. 

Your Sky+HD box can store up to 60 hours of high definition TV, or up to 185 hours of standard definition TV. It has all the Sky+ features built in, allowing you to record selected series at the touch of a button, record two programmes at once and even set your Sky+HD box to record from your mobile or via with Remote Record.
With Sky+HD you can experience television like never before with sharper detail, more vibrant colours and superb quality sound. Plus you get all the flexibility of Sky+ such as record, pause, rewind and series link, a hand-picked collection of the week's unmissable TV in HD with Sky Anytime.
What does a Sky+HD box give me? 
With high definition, you get extra detail that means TV not only looks amazing, it feels amazing too. Whether you're watching movies, drama, sports, arts or wildlife shows, you'll feel like you're right at the centre of the action with: 
• Up to five times more picture detail and incredibly vibrant colour 
• Superb quality sound 
• Access to over 50‡ HD channels, in line with your Sky TV package - more than anyone else in the UK 
• All the features of Sky+ with even more storage space 
• Remote Record from your mobile or online 
• A hand-picked collection of the week's TV, ready to watch when you are with Sky Anytime

 The Sky+HD box is a digital video recorder and receiver in one. Once connected to your HD ready TV it will allow you to watch standard definition and high definition programmes. Without an HD source, like the Sky+HD box, you will not be able to watch high definition pictures or channels on your HD ready TV.

The next revolution in TV is here. Sky 3D, Europe's first 3D TV channel, has launched. Using the latest technology to create an incredible 3D experience, Sky 3D will bring some of the best sports, movies and entertainment in amazing 3D, right to the heart of your living room. 

The best news is, for our Sky World HD customers with a 3D TV, incredible 3D programming is available to you at no extra cost. 
If you're a Sky World HD customer with a 3D TV, you can now enjoy TV in a far more immersive way, with Sky 3D bringing incredible 3D sport, movies and entertainment to your living room at no extra cost.
3D has added a whole new dimension to TV and it starts from the way it's filmed. 

Camera positions have been updated with more low level shots and new angles designed to show depth and perspective. 

3D filming starts with recording content the way that our eyes see it – from two different perspectives. Two HD cameras are used to take aligned left and right images of the chosen scene so what you see at home is exactly what the cameraman sees.

Sky World HD customers with a 3D TV can watch sports, movies, documentaries and entertainment in 3D for no additional monthly cost. If you take all six Entertainment Packs, Sports Pack, Movies Pack and have a Sky+HD box with the HD Pack, all you need to enjoy Sky 3D is a 3D ready TV and 3D glasses.